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Our Newest Courses


Using Marketing to Attract and Retain Employees

Use your marketing team’s expertise to attract, on-board, and retain employees. The same strategies that build your brand and attract patients can build your at-work culture and attract new talent.


Writing Workshop: Secrets to Attracting New Patients with Social Media

In this 5-part course, your team will learn how to write compelling content for all your marketing channels that engage consumers and entice them to visit your practice. The secrets of writing click-worthy headlines for blog posts, crafting email subject lines that beg to be opened, and writing in a unique voice for social media posts that draw in new patients will be revealed.


Positive Power of Acronyms: Tools to Enhance Your Daily Work Activities

In this 6-part course, your staff will learn tools to create meaningful and lasting interactions with every patient and coworker.


How to Get Your Doctor on the News Now

In this 6-part course, your team will discover how to use public relations to get your doctor on the news as a featured expert. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions and discuss strategies for navigating the newsroom maze, timing your news event to win coverage, and how to stay on message when the news anchor plays hardball.


How to Create and Start a Webinar on Zoom

Not sure how to create a webinar? In this video, Corey walks you through a step-by-step process on how to create and start a webinar using Zoom.


Maintaining a Personal Touch in the Electronic Age

How can you maintain a personal touch in the electronic age? Jennifer and Corey, founders of discuss in this extended webinar.


The Many Facets of Reputation Management Explained

What are the various elements that make up your online reputation? Jennifer Thompson explains what you need to know about maintaining your online reputation management (ORM).


Utilizing Social Media to Manage Your Reputation

The weekend of September 19, 2014 we spent a few days in Nashville, TN at the AAOS Leadership Meeting. This is a recorded webinar version of the presentation we gave to the orthopaedic surgeons and office managers in attendance.